Don’t Miss June’s Scottsdale Botox Happy Hour

Don’t Miss June’s Scottsdale Botox Happy Hour | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

Don’t Miss June’s Scottsdale Botox Happy Hour

Botox is one of the most popular treatments at Parson Skin Center and a fantastic way to “train” facial muscles to relax. Botox is both an effective treatment for lines and wrinkles as well as a preventative tool to stop lines and wrinkles from happening. Every month, your Scottsdale Botox clinic offers a Botox happy hour, and you can’t miss out on this incredible offer of $11 per unit Botox injections.

These happy hour appointments fill up fast. For those who are new to Botox, a Scottsdale Botox happy hour is the perfect way to try out the proven treatment in a budget-friendly manner. If you’ve already fallen in love with Botox results, happy hour is a great way to save big on your next injection or try out the results in a new area.

Your Scottsdale Botox happy hour provider can also discuss the benefits of Botox for chronic headaches. Botox is for much more than stopping and preventing unwanted lines—it’s also a proven method for treating some types of headaches and reducing excessive sweat.

Summer is right around the corner on 6/21/19, and nothing goes better with that new swimsuit than smooth, youthful skin. At just $11 per unit, you can’t pass up this special offer, but keep in mind that spots fill up quickly. A $50 deposit is due at the time you book your appointment, and if you’re a Brilliant Distinction rewards member (the Botox rewards program), your rewards are accepted.

Your Scottsdale Botox clinic offers a number of additional treatments that complement Botox results, such as dermabrasion or a number of body contouring procedures.

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