Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgery


Tummy tuck procedures are very popular, not only just here in Scottsdale, Arizona, but throughout the country. Tummy tuck surgery is also one of the most frequently performed sugeries by Board Certified Plastic Surgeron Dr. Shaun Parson.

There are two basic types of abdominal tightening procedures, mini-tummy tucks and full tummy tucks. Both of the procedures act to tighten the abdomen and improve its appearance but there are differences between the two. Mini-tummy tucks are reserved for patients with muscle separation (rectus diastasis) but no significant skin laxity. Full-tummy tucks are used in patients that have both rectus diastasis as well as a component of skin laxity.

Full Tummy Tuck

In the majority of patients, a full tummy tuck is a more appropriate procedure. It’s typically used in patients following pregnancy who have muscle separation and skin laxity (stretch marks). A full tummy tuck is the only procedure that can remove all of the stretch marks, excess skin and repair muscle so that the abdomen returns to its pre-baby appearance. Dr. Parson will often recommend an additional treatment called Emsculpt Body Toning that can help to further define the abdomen and create a six-pack definition.

Dr. Parson performs all of his full tummy tuck procedures at an accredited surgery center in Scottsdale, Arizona. The surgeries require an incision in the C-section line as well as a small incision around the belly button. Doctor Parson is able to remove any loose skin, underlying fat and repair muscle damage from pregnancy. Dr. Parson will often add liposuction to the equation to make certain that a patient’s love handles (flanks) and back are also sculpted and defined. Dr. Parson’s full-tummy tuck procedure looks at all 360 degrees of the patients front and back sides giving ideal results.



Mini-Tummy Tuck

Dr. Parson does perform a significant number of mini-tummy tuck procedures in Scottsdale, AZ. It is an increasingly popular option for those patients who have minimal skin laxity but still require rectus diastsis repair. Mini-tummy tucks only require a C-section type incision with no incision around the belly button at all. It offers many of the advantages of the full-tummy tuck with smaller incisions and a speedier recovery in the appropriate patients.

Mini-tummy tuck procedures can also address small umbilical hernias through the same c-section incision. This type of hernia repair uses what’s called an umbilical float technique. This type of “scarless” umbilical hernia repair can be performed concurrently with the mini-tummy tuck. Liposuction is still a useful adjunct so that the patient again sees 360-degree improvement in their abdomen and back. Emsculpt is also often recommenced to get that ultimate 6-pack sculpted look following their procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Parson will be able to determine which procedure is your best fit.

Tummy Tuck Candidates, Recovery, And What To Expect

Depending on how your body changed following pregnancy and your specific post-surgical goals Dr. Parson will be able to determine which procedure or combination of procedures will be most ideal for you. In general, recovery will be faster for a mini-tummy tuck procedure compared to full-tummy tuck, but only by a few weeks. Patient’s will typically spend their first post-surgery night at the on-site Recovery Care Center. Dr. Parson also routinely uses a pain medication called Exparel during surgery that blocks nerve pain for days. Most patient’s report little to no pain when they awake from anaesthesia. When Exparel is used patient typically requires minimal pain medicine which helps to shorten recovery and reduces complications like nausea and constipation. Patient’s can usually return to parenting/work in 7-10 days. Patient’s can return to light workouts by 3 weeks and full workouts by 5-6 weeks.

How Dr. Shaun Parson Approaches Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

Chelsea’s Tummy Tuck, Actual Patient*

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