Dermabrasion Surgery

Dermabrasion is a procedure that specifically addresses the wrinkles that develop over time on the face. It usually targets wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. Dermabrasion will help to soften and smooth the skin so that these wrinkles are no longer present.

Another key area where dermabrasion can be used is to improve acne scars or others scars left from previous surgeries trauma. Deep acne scars leave “pits” or a generalized “waviness” to the facial skin. Dermabrasion can help to smooth and erase these areas of unevenness.

Improving Deep Scaring

With our climate in Arizona dermabrasion is a popular procedure performed on all ages and both male and females. The actual process of dermabrasion is using a controlled rotary device, much like a high powered sander to remove the damaged skin in order for new, healthier and younger skin to develop in its place.

Dr. Shaun Parson often performs this treatment in conjunction with facelift/necklift, or eyelid surgery. It is really popular with patients who have fine lines around their mouths due to smoking or to reverse severe sun damage and uneven skin texture.

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Dermabrasion surgery is a comprehensive procedure that can help men and women erase both wrinkles and facial scars. There are other non-surgical type procedures offered in Parson Skin Center that can address these same concerns. If these facial issues have left you feeling dissatisfied with your appearance, schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon Scottsdale patient’s trust, Dr. Shaun Parson. Call 480-282-8386 today.