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One of the key signs of aging is volume loss in the face. This loss of volume can typically occur in very predictable areas that include: temples, cheeks, naso-labial folds, and lips. Injectable fillers have been developed to combat these gradual effects of aging by adding volume to specific areas.


When women are in their 20’s they tend to have very full, round faces. This full look is secondary to a significant amount of fat being present throughout the face and especially in the cheeks. Because of this, women in this decade typically do not require volume replacement.


As we age we tend to lose that volume. The loss of fat causes a generalized hollowing which can be especially true in the area below the cheeks. Small amounts of volume replacement may useful in this decade.


As women reach their 40-50’s this loss of facial volume progresses. Women begin to complain of a thin or gaunt appearance. They often describe this as a flattening of the cheeks, loss of overall volume, and deepening of already existing facial folds. This is where injectable fillers come into play, and can restore the youthful look by replacing this lost volume.

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Types of Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers come in various types from various companies. Dr. Parson and his nurse injectors Jennifer, Nancy and Char are experts in all types of fillers for all types of situations.


Most commonly used injectable fillers include:

The Day of Collagen Injection

Dr. Parson or one of his experienced injectors, will perform your filler injection in his office. This is a procedure that can be safely done in the office on the same day as your initial consultation. The injections are nearly painless, with the entire process taking less than 30 minutes. Following the injections Dr. Parson, Jennifer, Nancy or Char, will instruct you in post-injection care. You may gently ice the area but you should not massage the injected areas. You should also refrain from any excessive physical activity until directed by your provider.


Jennifer, Nancy or Char will schedule your follow-up visit with her depending on the filler used.

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Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician
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