Rhinoplasty Revision

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Repairs A Previous Nose Surgery

Revisional rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct an unsatisfactory result from a previous nasal surgery. Sometimes the nose may function well following surgery, but is cosmetically unacceptable to the patient. In other cases, while the cosmetic result is pleasing to the patient, there may be a functional problem that hinders a person’s breathing.

Secondary rhinoplasty procedures are more difficult to perform than traditional rhinoplasty surgery in that the septum may have been altered or partly removed during the first surgery. In addition, scar tissue from the first surgery can sometimes be difficult to remove and the skin may be have become thicker. It is usually advisable to wait at least one year from the time of the initial surgery to perform a secondary revisional surgery. This allows time to let the nose take its final shape, which can then be evaluated properly for facial balance, nose shape, and function.

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