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A body lift is a surgery designed to re-lift loose or sagging skin and tissue following massive weight loss. This procedure is typically done in patients that have lost a significant amount of weight from either bariatric procedures or pregnancy. By removing the excess fat and skin, Dr. Shaun Parson is able to give patients a more normal and smoother appearance.


When some or all of these body contouring procedures are performed together they may sometimes then be called a body lift.

Dr. Parson will be able to determine which procedure (or procedures) is right for you during your initial detailed and educational consultation. Some patients may also be candidates for a buttock lift and an abdominoplasty. Dr. Parson will be able to give you a very honest opinion about which procedure(s) is best suited to your body and your overall goals.


Dr. Parson approaches body contouring, and especially body lifts with a very unique and different approach for every body type, in order to achieve the smoothing and tightening that you may desire. Unlike liposuction, which involves small incisions placed in inconspicuous areas, thigh lifts and body lifts may require lengthy incisions. Fortunately, Dr. Parson has the ability to hide these incisions in inconspicuous areas and has helped hundreds of patients complete full body transformations with various body lift and body contouring procedures.

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“I chose Dr. Parson from a friend of a friend’s referral, and also based on his credentials and reconstructive surgical experience. The staff at the Piper Surgical Center also could not have been nicer – I actually enjoyed my 2-night stay there (as much as possible after surgery). I would (and have) recommend Dr. Parson to anyone looking for a fantastic surgeon!”

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