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A person’s face gradually changes over time in very predictable ways. During a person’s 20’s they tend to have fairly round faces. This fullness is due to excess facial fatty tissue. As a person ages this fat tends to dissipate, most notably in the cheek region. This fatty tissue regression allows for better facial definition and higher cheekbone appearance. These changes are typically seen in a person’s 30’s and 40’s.

A rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift is a cosmetic procedure that removes sagging skin to reshape the structure of your face. A facelift can have a powerful impact in creating a more youthful and refreshed looking version of yourself.


As a person continues to age their facial tissue becomes less elastic and they continue to lose facial volume. Wrinkles begin to develop on the forehead and around the eyes. A person’s eyebrows begin to sag. The skin and fat around the eyes themselves begins to droop. The lines around the mouth become more prominent, especially in people who are smokers or who have spent considerable amounts of time in the sun. The tissue around the jaw line also sags to the point that “jowling” and a “turkey-neck” may develop.

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Depending on your desired goals and what specific features you would like to address, Dr. Shaun Parson may perform other procedures at the same time as your facelift such as, brow lift or eyelid surgery. This will all be discussed in your educational and detailed consultation.

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Facial aesthetic surgery serves to correct all or some of these changes. When you meet with Dr. Parson the two of you will look in a mirror and he will ask you “what are the things about your appearance that bother you and you and what things would like to change?” Dr. Parson feels that facial surgery should leave patients with a refreshed look without making them look “plastic”. “I don’t want patients to have anyone think they have had plastic surgery”, says Dr. Parson, “I just want family and friends to compliment them on their new appearance without realizing why they look so much better.”

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Facelift surgery is a comprehensive procedure that can help men and women look up to 10 years younger. If signs of aging on the face have left you feeling dissatisfied with your appearance, schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon Scottsdale patients trust, Dr. Shaun Parson. Call 480-282-8386 today.



“Neither he nor his office staff are pushy and they always take time to answer all your questions. All the options and alternatives are presented so a patient can make an educated decision. His schedule is very accommodating and his surgical skills and bedside manner are top notch. I wish all physicians were as thoughtful and patient centered as he is. I would choose Dr Parson again and again and again.”

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