Did you know that by the time we reach 8 years of age we have formed all of our fat cells? It’s true! Unfortunately, we can also make new fat cells in life if we become obese. Our fat cells are like small storage containers, and most people have more of these storage containers located in “trouble areas” on there bodies. These trouble areas include: chest and love handles in men, and abdomen and thighs in women.

As we continue to age we are also faced with decreasing overall metabolism. This is especially true in women when they pass milestones like pregnancy and menopause. Americans also tend to exercise less and have richer diets as we age. This all leads to something called lipodystrophy or unwanted fatty tissue collections.

So how do we get rid of this unwanted fat? Certainly diet and exercise is key. However, as we age, due to all the issues listed above, this sometimes is still not enough to address those “trouble spots”. That’s where liposuction comes in.

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“I had high volume liposuction of the abdomen, bilateral flanks and bilateral hips. I was immediately reassured by Dr Parson’s professional and kind manner. The office staff are also professional, helpful, happy, and very kind. Everyone I interacted with expressed true concern. I have had expert care!”

– R. West, Actual Patient*

How Liposuction Works

Liposuction surgery uses small narrow tubes that are carefully placed under the skin to remove these stubborn fat cells by suction. Plastic surgeons are generally able to remove nearly all the fat in a person’s trouble areas and leave a smooth skin contour behind.


Dr. Parson tries to insert the cannulas in very inconspicuous locations so there are no obvious scars when the procedure is complete. Patients are normally able to return to previous activity with slimmer shapes in 10-14 days.



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