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Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

Over time, the constant movement in our foreheads, effects of gravity and just the natural process of aging, can cause our foreheads to begin to droop and cause the elasticity of our brows to diminish. Dr. Parson has performed hundreds of brow lifts both independently of and in conjunction with eyelid surgery and facelifts to help rejuvenate and improve the appearance of wrinkles and to give your eyes a more wide awake, refreshed look.

Often times people consider getting brow lifts because they feel they may look sad, tired or angry all the time. Eye brows are an important facial feature that help to express emotion and depending on how one’s brows sit on one’s face, they may project an impression opposite to what one feels. Brow lifts are an overall great procedure to rejuvenate the face.

A brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can have amazing results improving the forehead and frown lines, but also improving skin hooding that may exist on the upper eyelid. In addition, brow lifts can address concerns of symmetry and eyebrow shape at the same time. The procedure is performed at an accredited outpatient surgical facility and patients usually resume normal activity within 2 weeks.

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