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Dr. Shaun Parson has been specializing in Breast Reconstruction since he began his practice and has one of the largest experiences with this type of surgery in the Southwestern U.S. In addition to breast reconstruction for cancer, Dr. Parson specializes in all types of chest wall reconstruction secondary to all variety of reasons. Dr. Parson finds tremendous reward and satisfaction in reconstructing breasts and chest wall deformities. The field of breast reconstruction has been steadily expanding to newer methods and techniques. These techniques now allow board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Parson, to create breasts that are very close and shape and appearance to that of the non-affected breast.

Breast reconstruction can be performed as either an immediate or delayed procedure. Immediate breast reconstruction is performed at the same time as the mastectomy and serves to decrease a woman’s total number of times in the operating room. Newer advances in this arena can allow Dr. Parson to perform a single stage procedure and at times even preserve the patient’s own nipple and areola.

Dr. Parson will thoughtfully listen to your concerns and goals and the two of you will construct a “game plan” that is unique to each patient. Breast reconstruction can be an overwhelming undertaking in terms of understanding the various methods and techniques that are best for your specific set of circumstances. Dr. Parson and his team will make every effort to help lead you through this process with all the respect and compassion that you deserve.

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The Pre-Operative Breast Reconstruction Period

Most patients who require a mastectomy are also healthy enough to undergo breast reconstruction surgery. However, some patients may be better candidates for a delayed breast reconstruction. This can be secondary to either medical or personal factors. Some woman may have underlying health issues in the way of a past smoking history or diabetes for example. These medical issues may lead Dr. Parson to suggest that the mastectomy be performed first and that a period of recovery transpire prior to undertaking any type of breast reconstruction surgery. Some women may also find it hard to cope with the stress placed by being diagnosed with breast cancer. This may also be a situation where it’s advisable to undergo the mastectomy first and then focus on subsequent breast reconstructive surgery. Dr. Parson will make every effort to help guide you through this process so that things make sense and are specific to your personal situation.

Either way Dr. Parson and his staff will be able to work closely with all other health care providers to ensure that you have a “team” approach to your care. He will work closely with your breast surgeon as well as your oncologist to devise an individual treatment plan.

“Dr. Parson is the best Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix/Scottsdale. I’ve needed reconstructive breast surgery my whole life and could never find the right Doctor to meet my needs. I knew my case would be quite complicated. I am also a RN, so being particular is an understatement when it comes to who is in control of my health. Dr. Parson has made me feel comfortable and confident from the start of this process and has always made me feel more than just another patient. Dr. Parson is truly gifted and talented in his work. HIGHLY recommended surgeon!”

C. Bennett, Actual Patient*

Types of Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Parson will recommended one of two types of breast reconstruction; either breast implant reconstruction or breast reconstruction using a tissue flap.

When breast implants are used for the final reconstruction device then it is often necessary to use an expander device to enlarge the tissue pocket so that the final implant can be comfortably placed. This type of surgery may require a second surgery that typically is scheduled three months after the initial procedure. At this second surgery the final implants are placed and the nipple and areola are also reconstructed.

However, newer advances in breast reconstruction now allow Dr. Parson to often finish the entire reconstructive process at the same time as the mastectomy. Dr. Parson will be able to discuss with you in detail whether you are a candidate for this type of surgical procedure. He will also discuss the various types of breast implants and find one that is right for you.

When a tissue flap is used for your breast reconstruction Dr. Parson will borrow tissue from some other location (typically your stomach or your back) and use this tissue to reconstruct a new breast. This type of surgery carries different risks and recovery compared to reconstruction with an implant. However, when this type of surgery is employed, patients will wake up from their mastectomy with a new breast in place. Dr. Parson will be able to recommend which type of procedure is best for your specific situation.

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