Touch MD

Touch MD Before/After Surgery Simulation

Dr. Parson is always striving to make key advances to his practice. One such advance is a software program called, TouchMD. TouchMD is a state of the art system that Dr. Parson uses to help educate patients before, during and after a consultation. The result is you being able to visualize what you might look like after surgery. Of course, individual results vary from person to person and we invite you to check out a few before/after photos as well.*

Patients will have a login prior to their consultation and are able to familiarize themselves with the practice, discover what their consultation will be like and explore various topic videos about procedures and or medical conditions.


During your consultation, Dr. Parson and his nurse will take pictures in the program so that you can graphically see what you will look like with different size breasts, show with a touch of a button what areas bother you, or examine your side profile. These pictures and drawings will help you and Dr. Parson clearly discuss desired results.*

One of the greatest things about this software program is that it allows you to relive your consultation in the comfort of your home and on your own time. Many patients even like to relive the office visit with a friend, spouse or significant other. It really allows patients to fully absorb all the information that was presented during their consultation with Dr. Parson. It even allows you to print any images or document that have been saved!

TouchMD has helped make things as simple as possible for patients to understand, educate and have better piece of mind that their desired outcome has been properly communicated.