Do I Need a Breast Lift After Removing Implants?

Breast Lift After Removing Implants? | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

Do I Need a Breast Lift After Removing Implants?

Breast lifts can be a fantastic procedure for many women who like the size of their breasts but have loose or sagging skin after weight fluctuations or breastfeeding. At Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, breast lifts are a popular procedure, but there’s also another situation where a woman may want and benefit from a breast lift—those who have had their breast implants removed.

Even though breast augmentation surgeries and breast implants are increasing in popularity, there are still some women who are choosing to have their breast implants removed. This is especially true for women who got breast implants in the 80s or 90s when big, less natural looking implants were popular. Today’s trend leans toward a fit yet curvy body, and oversized breast implants don’t go with this look. Plus, some women have found that they actually like the natural size of their breasts, and the issue is lax skin, not lack of size.

If you’ve had your breast implants reduced, removed, or are thinking about doing so, you may discover that breast skin after this procedure is not taught. Breast implants can stretch out the skin, and the bigger the implant, the more severe the stretching. Women who have had large implants for many years can be understandably concerned about the sudden lack of elasticity. A breast lift can help.

For those who haven’t had their implants removed or reduced yet, it may be possible to combine this procedure with a breast lift. This will minimize scarring and recovery time. However, if you’ve already had breast implants reduced or removed, you might still be a good candidate for a breast lift.

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