Swimsuit Season Body Toning with Emsculpt

Swimsuit Season Body Toning with Emsculpt | Dr. Shaun Parson

Swimsuit Season Body Toning with Emsculpt

It seems like just yesterday you could cozy up in layers and chunky sweaters to hide the fact that you might have let weight training slip a little—but don’t worry. Spring break is right around the corner and a lot of us are already making plans for tropical getaways, including many of us at Parson Skin Center. We know how important it is to look both svelte and toned when you’re showing off in swimsuits, sundresses, or going shirtless at the beach. However, building muscle, also known as hypertrophy, takes a lot of time, work and dedication. Everyone is busier than ever, so how can you squeeze in those weight training sessions?

For a lot of people, it just isn’t possible, but anyone has time for 30 minutes of Emsculpt. Emsculpt is a cutting-edge technology with no needles and no downtime. It works by forcing the booty, abs, thighs, or upper arm muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes per area. It’s completely comfortable and a lot of clients scroll through their phone, check their email, read a book, or of course post their Scottsdale Emsculpt session to Instagram during their treatment. Use #emsculptbooty #gettingjacked to get the most of your Instagram fame!

Emsculpt vs. Weight Training

If something sounds too good to be true, it’s … probably time to check the research. There’s actually no such thing as “toning” muscles, but it’s still a popular term. Muscles get stronger (and bigger) when they are torn just the right amount. This is usually achieved through weight lifting whether it’s a session with free weights or if you have a job that requires hard labor. When muscles are torn, the fibers heal bigger and stronger so that your body can sustain that kind of heavy lifting in the future. Toned muscles are simply muscles that have been damaged and have healed.

You have to have just the right kind of tiny, micro-tears in order for muscles to get bigger. A serious muscle tear can be debilitating and takes weeks to heal. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made at a gym, from poor form to trying to lift weights that are too heavy. It’s not just your muscles you can damage (and not in a good way) but also your joints and connective tissues.

Emsculpt creates the perfect size micro-tears in targeted muscles so that you achieve hypertrophy with zero risks. Plus, the technology achieves an incredible 20,000 muscular contractions. It’s like performing 20,000 perfect squats, crunches, or bicep curls in just half an hour. Your body sees weight lifting and a Phoenix Emsculpt session as the exact same thing. As long as the muscles are undergoing micro-tears, they’re going to heal bigger and stronger, resulting in what we call toned muscles.
Added Benefits of Phoenix Emsculpt Sessions

We already know that Emsculpt gives us 20,000 safe supramaximal contractions resulting in micro-tears in just 30 minutes without any risk of injury. That alone has clients rushing to get a bigger booty, washboard abs, “thicc” thighs, and Michelle Obama arms. An added benefit is that you can target muscles like never before. Even the best bodybuilder can’t target single muscles because traditional weight training has to recruit “helper” muscles.

Consider an avid gym-goer who wants a bigger booty but not bigger thighs. This is impossible to achieve without Emsculpt. The two primary exercises to get bigger glutes are lunges and squats. Both of these movements require serious support from the legs, and the thighs in particular. Emsculpt can target just the glutes if that’s the look you want to achieve.

Getting Ready for Your Emsculpt Treatment in Scottsdale

You can see why Emsculpt body toning has quickly become one of the most popular treatments for anyone who is busy, loves a toned look, or wants to avoid the risk of an injury in the weights section at the gym. However, you do need to prepare a little for your Emsculpt session. Expect to be sore for a couple of days after treatment. After all, you just did the equivalent of 20,000 flawless movements!

It’s also a good idea to consume a minimum of 20 grams of protein immediately after Emsculpt. Muscles need protein to heal, and this will help you maximize results too. Sipping on BCAA-infused water before, during, and after your treatment gives you the amino acids your body needs to minimize DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Ready to schedule your Phoenix Emsculpt treatment? Call Parson Skin Center at (480) 282-8386 today.