Meet New Botox Patient Alex!

Meet New Botox Patient Alex! | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

Meet New Botox Patient Alex!

At Parson Skin Center, your Scottsdale plastic surgery clinic meets the ultimate MediSpa experience to take care of all your needs in one welcoming environment. Want to get a sneak peek of what to expect? Take a look at our videos where you can follow new and returning patients on their skin care journey. If you’ve been wanting to try Botox, the most popular neurotoxin, to safely and semi-permanently nip wrinkles and fine lines in the bud, join Alex as she tries out the popular treatment for the first time.


First Time Getting Botox

Alex was nervous—she’d never had Botox before. However, she was also eager to find out more about the procedure and how it could help her achieve the results she wanted. Right after checking in, she said the experience initially was “way better than I expected.” At Parson Skin Center, we get it—any procedure can make you feel a little nervous the first time. That’s why we put clients at ease the moment they walk through the door with a friendly, knowledgeable front desk staff and relaxing, spa-like ambiance.

Nurse practitioner Jenny put Alex’s face on the screen to show her exactly where the Botox injections would be for the ultimate results. Jenny explained that Botox is so fast with zero downtime that a lot of people make appointments during their lunch break. This further helped put Alex at ease, and she was excited to get started.

Alex is in her twenties, the age when a lot of people start their Botox process. The injection is highly effective at both banishing lines and wrinkles and working as a preventative tool. If you stop the face from making wrinkles and frown lines in the first place, it keeps those muscles “weak” (in the right way!) and less likely to form in the future. Clients like Alex may be able to avoid more invasive treatments in the future when they start taking care of their skin with Botox at a younger age.

Schedule Your Appointment

Alex had been a little worried about pain, but said, “That was way easier than expected. It honestly didn’t hurt at all. I’m definitely going to be coming back.” If you’d like to try out Botox or another neurotoxin, or you’re looking for a premium clinic for your injection needs, contact Parson Skin Center today and schedule your appointment.