FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Change Your Life

FemTouch Can Change Your Life | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Change Your Life

FemTouch vaginal rejuvenation works wonders far beyond promising an enhanced sex life—although, for many women, that’s reason enough to choose this revolutionary procedure. Many women come to Parson Skin Center because they struggle with stress incontinence, sneezing and laughing “accidents,” issues with vaginal dryness, or simply because Kegels aren’t working.

Aging, genetics, and some disorders can affect vaginal health, and in turn, affect a woman’s lifestyle. About half of post-menopausal women have urinary incontinence from stress, and 80 percent report some amount of vaginal atrophy which can include dryness, burning, itchiness, and pain during intercourse. The tissue that makes up the vaginal walls and area is skin, and skin in this region ages. However, with FemTouch vaginal rejuvenation, you can turn back the clock.

Vaginal issues, especially a loss of vaginal laxity, can also be caused by childbirth. Whether you’re interested in tightening the vaginal tissue, increasing natural lubrication, reducing incontinence, or bettering your sex life, FemTouch vaginal rejuvenation might be for you. It’s a non-hormonal treatment using fractional laser resurfacing to restore vaginal tissue to a healthier, more youthful function.

The FemTouch procedure is fast, safe, and painless. No downtime is required. The laser energy is applied to internal vaginal tissue in order to ensure more natural lubrication and elasticity. By causing tiny, pain-free “micro-injuries” to the vaginal wall, the body is encouraged to prioritize healing of the tissue. It is the same approach as laser therapy to any other skin on the body. These controlled injuries kickstart collagen production to help the body heal, and in turn, more youthful, tighter, and healthier skin at the application site is produced.

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Although post-menopausal women and those who are postpartum are the most common FemTouch vaginal rejuvenation candidates, any woman who wants to improve the health and function of her vaginal walls may benefit from FemTouch. To learn more or book your consultation, contact Parson Skin Center today.