Why You Shouldn’t Microneedle at Home

Why You Shouldn’t Microneedle at Home | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

Why You Shouldn’t Microneedle at Home

Do you need an in-office microneedling treatment when there are microneedling home kits available on infomercials? It’s a common question at Parson Skin Center, and unfortunately, those advertisements are misleading. Only professional clinics, like your Scottsdale MediSpa, have access to medical-grade microneedling tools that are safe and work. Plus, it’s not just the quality of the microneedling tools that make all the difference, but also the expertise of the professional applying the treatment. Our MediSpa is home to official Top Docs in the Scottsdale area, as voted by their peers. Do you want anyone else taking care of your skin?

Microneedling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. It’s a fantastic tool that uses the body’s natural healing powers to encourage collagen production. When the body experiences any kind of injury, including micro-puncture wounds skillfully created by microneedling, it kick-starts collagen production in the injured area. Of course, in addition to healing, collagen is also what keeps skin looking dewy, young, and healthy.

Microneedling can cure a variety of skin ailments

Microneedling can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments including fine lines and acne scars, and generally improve the skin’s appearance and texture. The treatment is fast, pain-free, and there’s no downtime. You can immediately go back to your daily activities after treatment. The number of treatments you’ll need to achieve the desired results will vary, but an average of three to five is recommended.

However, you will not experience the same fantastic effects with an at-home treatment. The microneedling tools available to the general public simply aren’t that effective, and they can even be dangerous if not used correctly. When it comes to purposefully injure the skin to jumpstart collagen production, you’re better of relying on skillful professionals.

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