5 Ways to Get a Bigger Backside

5 Ways to Get a Bigger Backside | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

5 Ways to Get a Bigger Backside

Big backsides are here to stay (for both men and women), but if you’re not naturally blessed with this feature, how do you attain one? It’s one of the “biggest” requests at Parson Skin Center, and the answer is Emsculpt. Without a doubt, Emsculpt is the number one way to achieve a larger, rounder, perkier derriere without surgery or working out—and here’s how it compares:

Why Emsculpt Is Ideal For Body Toning

1. Emsculpt. Emsculpt works by forcing the glutes into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. That’s the same as 20,000 lunges. It requires no effort, and clients can relax during this non-invasive procedure that simply requires the placement of a paddle on the target muscle. Emsculpt can also be used on the abs, thighs, and upper arms.

2. Squats and lunges. These two exercises are still the go-to weight training moves for a stronger, bigger backside. However, there’s no way anyone can safely perform 20,000 in one session (and certainly not in 30 minutes). Emsculpt frees you from being chained to the gym without compromising results.

3. Fat transfer. Fat transfer is how a lot of “Instagram models” achieve incredibly large behinds. However, fat transfer is a surgery and comes with all the risks of an invasive procedure. Plus, you have to have enough fat in other areas to transfer and a percentage of fat transferred always “dies” in the process.

4. Implants. Implants for the behind are increasingly common, and this surgery is even more invasive than a fat transfer. It definitely yields results, but it’s not natural and it’s high-risk. You’ll be sitting on those implants quite a bit, putting them at a much higher risk for leaking or damage than implants in other parts of the body (such as the breasts).

5. Padded underwear. Wearing padded underwear can give you an idea of what a bigger butt looks like, but of course it only works when you’re wearing clothes. Plus, it can often look fake, isn’t always comfortable, and doesn’t work with every outfit.

Of all the ways to increase the size of your glutes, Emsculpt is the safest while remaining natural and non-invasive. Contact Parson Skin Center at (480) 282-8386 to schedule your Emsculpt consultation and discover the benefits for yourself.