Rosacea And Acne – There’s A Big Difference

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Rosacea And Acne – There’s A Big Difference

Acne and rosacea have very similar outward appearances and signs. Unfortunately, this is why the misdiagnosis of these two very different skin conditions takes place very often. It is not unusual that acne and rosacea are confused.

In the past, rosacea has many times been historically referred to as “acne rosacea.” This would, of course, make you believe that the two conditions are related. However, it is clear that this is a misnomer and that there is no connection between acne and rosacea.

This confusion has often led to some confusion by the patients, and rosacea sufferers with bumps and pimples may mistakenly self-diagnose themselves as having acne. The fact is, acne and rosacea require very different treatments and acne medications may even cause rosacea symptoms to get decidedly worse.

What Is Acne?

Areas Affected: Acne is primarily found on the face; however, it can be active on the back, shoulders, and chest.

Symptoms: The skin becomes extremely oily due to overactive sebaceous glands. A variety of lesions develop and most often blackheads are usually in predominance.

Treatment: Prescription medications and various skin treatments are offered by Parson Skin Center. A consultation with your skin care specialist will ultimately determine the best treatment for you including chemical peels, hydrafacials, microneedling, and IPL photofacials.

Rosacea Facts

Areas Affected: The central area of the face, most often including the nose, chin and cheeks and sometimes forehead.

Symptoms: Tiny dilated blood vessels become visible and create the redness in the complexion. Bumps and pimples appear as the inflammation and redness increases. The eyes may even appear to be bloodshot and feel dry and scratchy. Additionally, the nose can become red and swollen in the more severe cases.

Treatments: Your skin care specialist, after careful diagnosis, can prescribe oral or topical medications and medispa treatments includingchemical peels, hydrafacials, microneedling, and IPL photofacials. Also, speaking to your doctor about possible lifestyle changes may help to control rosacea symptoms.

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