Shhh… How To Keep Your Scottsdale Breast Augmentation Under Wraps

Keep Your Breast Augmentation Private | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

Shhh… How To Keep Your Scottsdale Breast Augmentation Under Wraps

Not everyone who elects to have breast augmentation wants to shout it from the rooftop. For some, they want to quietly and gradually make it known to their surrounding circle of family and friends. Choosing to undergo any type of plastic surgery is a personal decision, and Scottsdale breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Shaun Parson respects his patients’ decisions and works with them so that they always feel confident and comfortable with their decision.

If you’re looking to enhance your breast profile but aren’t ready to tell or show the world, here are a few tips to help you keep your little secret.

Be Smart When You Plan Your Breast Augmentation

When scheduling your breast augmentation in Scottsdale, you should take a few things into account such as the time of year as well as your vacation flexibility. Months that require you to layer to stay warm are ideal for plastic surgery because the layers allow you to cover up. However, if you schedule your breast augmentation surgery accordingly, you can successfully undergo your procedure any time of the year and still keep it on the down low. Using vacation time can help to deter coworkers from knowing anything, especially if you request time off around a holiday when you would normally be away. Just be sure to request enough time off where you are able to recover and come off of any pain medications you may be prescribed before returning to work.

Plan Ahead for Your Recovery

Make sure all your prescriptions for post-surgery are filled and picked up prior to your breast augmentation. This will eliminate any awkward or uncomfortable run-ins with people at the pharmacy. You will also need to make arrangements for any engagements or obligations that may occur during your recovery period.

Dress Modestly To Avoid Suspicion

You don’t want to drastically change your clothing options as that will set off a red flag but do be mindful of what you wear. Plunging necklines and tightly fit tops can draw unwanted attention to your newly contoured breasts. In time, gradually begin adding in different pieces and styles that make you comfortable. By slowly adding or altering your style, it won’t come as a shock to people around you.

Contact Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery For Breast Augmentation In Scottsdale, AZ

Even though you’re altering your body with breast implants, there are still ways to keep it a secret until you’re ready to let others know. Just act natural and most people will mind their business. Let Dr. Parson help you plan your “secret” breast augmentation by calling (480) 282-8386 and scheduling your personal consultation.