Over or Under: Breast Implant Placement

Over or Under: Breast Implant Placement | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

Over or Under: Breast Implant Placement

When you elect to have breast augmentation from Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery, there are decisions you need to consider before your procedure, including where to place the breast implants. There are two options: under the muscle, known as submuscular, and over the muscle, referred to as subglandular.

Selecting Your Implant Placement

Most women who elect to have breast augmentation want natural-looking results. Where you decide to place your implants, whether it be over or under the muscle, affects the look and shape of the breasts. All women are different and have different aesthetic goals, so placement is a personal decision. Body composition and lifestyle factors, however, should be taken into consideration when making your decision to achieve a natural appearance.

Under the Muscle

The most popular placement for implants is under the muscle. This is mainly because submuscular placement usually reduces the risk of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture results from scar tissue surrounding the implant becoming hard and constricting. When this happens, the breast implant also becomes hard and misshapen. Many surgeons prefer this method because of the reduced risk.

Women who have small breasts before augmentation, as well as those who have little natural breast tissue, typically benefit from under the muscle placement to achieve a more natural appearance. Breast tissue is needed to cover and support the implant, so women who lack tissue can use the chest muscle to provide extra coverage and support. This also adds an additional layer over the implant, which helps to prevent rippling.

Over the Muscle

Subglandular placement of implants is usually used on women who live an active lifestyle, such as bodybuilders or athletes who vigorously use their pectoral muscles. Placing the implant above the chest muscle lessens the amount of movement the implant endures during physical activity and prevents the breast implant from being flattened when the pectoralis muscle is flexed.

Another reason to consider subglandular placement is if your natural breasts suffer from slight sagging. Over the muscle, placement can help to eliminate this without the need for a breast lift.

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