Eyelid Surgery Patient 16 | Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery, Scottsdale, Arizona

Eyelid Surgery Patient 16

Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery


This 35 year old patient was extremely dissatisfied with the looks of her eyes. She felt like she always looked so tired and could never seem to cover up the bags she felt she had under her eyes. She was also worried that as she would age her eyes would get worse. She found eye expert surgeon, Dr. Shaun Parson and booked a consultation with him. She expressed to him how much it would mean to have her eyes look more open and to feel like she looked younger. After Dr. Parson discussed with her the options and showed her how she may look after procedure, she decided to undergo both and upper and lower blepharoplasty, also known as a quad blepharoplasty. Her results are amazing and she couldn’t be happier with how awake, refreshed and young she looks.

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