Do I Need a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck?

Do I Need a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck? | Dr. Shaun Parson, Scottsdale

Do I Need a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck?

Have you finally lost the weight only to be left with loose, extra skin? No need to be discouraged. A tummy tuck from Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Shaun Parson can improve the contours of your abdomen allowing you to show off your hard work finally.

Everyone has different cosmetic needs and goals. That’s why there are various surgical options when electing to contour your body. A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is designed to remove loose skin and fat from your abdominal area. But there are two versions of a tummy tuck, so how do you know if you need a full or mini tummy tuck?

Contour Your Entire Midsection with a Full Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck is ideal for women who have recently undergone childbirth or have lost a significant amount of weight and have excess skin encompassing the entire midsection. They usually require muscle repair along with skin excision as well as liposuction to remove fatty deposits. An incision from hipbone to hipbone is used for a full tummy tuck but Dr. Parson strategically places it so it can easily be hidden under a swimsuit bottom or underwear. Once the excess skin has been trimmed away, the remaining skin is stretched taut, this may cause your belly button to be repositioned. Abdominal muscles can become separated due to stretching during weight gain or pregnancy, so during a full tummy tuck, the abdominal muscles are sutured tight giving you a flat and toned abdominal wall.

Get Rid of Your Lower Belly Pooch with a Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is not suitable for women who need extensive skin removal as it does not address sagging skin above the navel. But if you only suffer from the dreaded belly pooch found below your navel, you may benefit from simply undergoing a mini tummy tuck. The incision used for a mini tummy tuck is not as comprehensive as a full tummy tuck and the belly button does not have to be repositioned or recreated. Recovery time is also less with a mini tummy tuck allowing you to get back to your regular routine quicker.

Discuss Your Tummy Tuck Options With Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shaun Parson

Whether you decide on a full or a mini tummy tuck, you will be able to achieve the contoured abdomen you desire, and you’ll finally have the flat and cinched waistline you have worked so hard to achieve. If you’re considering a tummy tuck and want to discuss your options, contact Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery at (480) 282-8386 to schedule your consultation.