Breast Reconstruction and Your Breast Reconstructive Surgery


How is reconstructive cosmetic surgery defined?

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is a general term referring to operations to repair or restore certain body features to their normal state, or to improve the appearance of a particular part of the body. It can include anything from breast enhancement, a tummy tuck, an eye lift, or a nose job to repairing a birth defect like a cleft palate or repairing the wounds of our fighting forces and veterans.


Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular due to scientific advances and increased patient safety in this special branch of medicine. These cosmetic procedures require the skill of a highly specialized surgeon. The best plastic surgeons are not just good doctors – they are also true artists.

What types of reconstructive cosmetic surgery and procedures are performed at Dr. Parson’s Scottsdale cosmetic surgery center?

The types of reconstructive cosmetic surgery and procedures performed at our Scottsdale cosmetic surgery center fall into several different categories: facial cosmetic surgery, body contouring, breast surgery, and other procedures.

Are there many Scottsdale cosmetic surgery centers from which to choose?

There are several Scottsdale cosmetic surgery centers. However, the Piper Surgery Center where Dr. Parson performs most of his procedures is one of the best Scottsdale cosmetic surgery centers you can find anywhere in Arizona. With its superb before and after patient care and its advanced technical equipment, this local Scottsdale plastic surgery center is equal to none.

Why do you take before and after pictures?

The reason we take before and after pictures* is to show our patients the changes that have been made. Depending upon what the patient wants or needs, sometimes the results are subtle and sometimes they are obvious. Our digital cameras substantiate the changes made so that the patient can better understand and connect with the changes.

Is the cost of reconstructive cosmetic surgery prohibitive?

The pricing of our cosmetic surgery procedures is very competitive. However, if you would rather finance the cost of your plastic surgery, we have third-party financing information for you to review at our office.

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