Body Contouring Photo Gallery Overview

Body Contouring Photos

Dr. Shaun Parson is a body contouring expert surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ. Body contouring, or body procedures, are various procedures that will reshape your body. Body contouring can many times provide dramatic results, leaving patients ecstatic with their new shape. See Dr. Parson’s various body procedure galleries below for before and after pictures and know individual results may vary.*

Arm Lift Surgery Photos | Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery Scottsdale Arizona

Arm Lift Gallery*

An arm lift is also known as a brachioplasty. It is designed to lift the sagging upper arm skin. Dr. Parson has helped both men and women alike to regain the youthful appearance of their arms after either aging or severe weight loss.

Brazilian Butt Lift Patient 2 | Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery Scottsdale Arizona

Butt Lift Gallery*

A buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Shaun Parson to re-lift a sagging buttocks and/or to give a fuller, more rounded buttocks appearance. This procedure is both common for weight loss patients as well as for those who just would like to have a more prominent buttocks.

Liposuction Patient 3a | Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery Scottsdale Arizona

Liposuction Gallery*

Dr. Parson performs Liposuction on patients who want to rid themselves of unwanted fat. Diet and exercise alone are sometimes just not enough to address these trouble areas, where stubborn fat is stored. Liposuction leaves a smooth skin contour behind once the fat has been removed.

Body Lift Patient 5a | Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery Scottsdale Arizona

Body Lift Gallery*

Dr. Shaun Parson usually performs a body lift surgical procedure on patients that have had a significant amount of weight loss. A body lift can consist of multiple procedures and gives patients a more normal and smoother body appearance.

Mommy Makeover Patient 1 | Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery Scottsdale Arizona

Mommy Makeover Gallery*

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of surgical procedures that restore women’s breasts and tummy following childbearing. Procedures performed during your mommy makeover will be tailored to your unique goals and may include breast rejuvenation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and more.

Tummy Tuck Patient 8a | Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery Scottsdale Arizona

Tummy Tuck Gallery*

A tummy tuck is also known as an abdominoplasty. This is a procedure that Dr. Parson performs very frequently on both post-pregnancy patients as well as extreme weight loss patients. Tummy tucks are able to give patients back the abdomen that they once had.