Abdominoplasty FAQs


What are the complications of gaining 60 lbs after an abdominoplasty?

Whether you gain weight from eating too many calories or whether it is secondary to pregnancy, the weight will win out over the tummy tuck. There are two basic things that happen during a tummy tuck. Your surgeon will fix any rectus diastasis and remove any excess skin. The first portion (diastasis) is caused by the abdominal wall stretching from either pregnancy or weight gain. The stretching can be significant and usually the patient is able to be tightened by roughly 10 cm. This draws the sides into the position they were located prior to pregnancy. This gives a patient their waist again. The second thing that the surgeon will do is to remove any loose skin which is typically all of the skin below the belly button. This is also usually the area were most stretch marks are located. So most (if not all) of a person’s stretch marks are also removed.


Excessive weight gain following the procedure will undo these things. A patient may re-develop stretch marks and loosen the repair of the diastasis. The body stretched out initially and it will stretch out again. It’s always best to maintain weight following the procedure and also not to have the procedure done if you are thinking about having more children.

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