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Breast lift surgery is a comprehensive procedure that can help women regain the youthful contours they desire. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts and would like to learn more about mastopexy, call Dr. Shaun Parson today at 480-282-8386. During your consultation he can review your procedure options, including breast lift and breast augmentation.

Mastopexy | Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexy Diagram

As a woman becomes older it’s no secret that her breasts typically become droopier and begin to sag. The combined effects of pregnancy, significant weight loss, or the natural aging process can all lead to a woman’s breast tissue changing in very significant ways. Any of these physiologic events can lead to stretching of the breast tissue. This can then ultimately lead to an imbalance between the amount of skin and the amount of breast gland. Invariably, throughout this process the nipple and areola will begin to point further downward on the breast itself. Plastic surgeons refer to these changes as breast ptosis.

Plastic surgeons grade breast ptosis by the position of the nipple and areola in relation to the bottom of the breast. This relationship allows surgeons like Dr. Parson to designate a grade of ptosis to each breast (1-3). A mastopexy (breast lift surgery) is a procedure that is performed to rearrange the breast tissue by one of several standard methods, depending on the specific amount of breast ptosis.

Patient’s who have a mastopexy performed will ultimately have breasts that are more youthful and firm in appearance. A mastopexy (breast lift surgery) can also decrease the size of the areola (the pigmented area around the nipple). When changes from either pregnancy or weight loss cause the breasts to “deflate” in size, a breast augmentation may also be added to the mastopexy procedure. The breast augmentation will allow Dr. Parson to restore the lost volume of breast tissue while he also “lifts” the breast. This loss of breast volume is a very common occurance, and is often seen after breast-feeding. Breast lift with breast augmentation can be performed to make the breasts appear larger and firmer.

So who are the best candidates for a mastopexy? Women who are healthy, emotionally stable, and realistic about what the surgery can accomplish. The best results are obtained in women with small, sagging breasts. In larger breasted women, the results may not be as long lasting, because of the weight of the breasts.

Breast Lift Photos

Click the thumbnails below to see the before and after photos in sequence. Please note that all photos are actual patients of Dr. Parson.

Breast Lift
Breast Lift
Breast Lift

The First Office Visit for Your Breast Lift

The first office visit is a time when both you and Dr. Parson can become acquainted with one another. Dr. Parson will listen to your specific concerns and goals in regards to your breasts. You will also have a chance to meet with other members of Dr. Parson’s team. During the visit a thorough medical history and physical examination will be obtained. Photos are taken and uploaded into our state-of-the-art TouchMD system, which provides an interactive educational experience for the patient and allows Dr. Parson to evaluate, draw and edit each patient’s photos individually. Patients are then able to log into their account in their privacy of their own home to view photos and review their consultation.

Dr. Parson will then develop a surgical plan that is specific to each patient. He will explain, in easy to understand terms, why certain procedures are better “fits” for each patient’s various situations. Dr. Parson will also discuss whether a breast implant would be of benefit in your particular situation.

The Pre-Operative Breast Lift Period

It is important that plastic surgery patients take certain measures in the pre-operative period to decrease chances for potential complications. All of your medications will be reviewed prior to this period. Any medications that may cause surgical complications will be discontinued at least 2 weeks prior to operation. Any infections that arise prior to operation, however seemingly trivial, should be reported to our office. Even an otherwise innocent infection can result in a surgical wound infection, and must be treated prior to breast lift surgery. A baseline mammogram should also be obtained prior to the operation.

Appropriate prescription medications will be written well prior to your procedure. This will allow you to have your medication when you return home from the operation.

Pre-operative photographs are taken at this appointment. These photos will be recorded in the TouchMD system so that you will also have access to them from home. These photos will serve as a marker for you to see the improvement from your breast lift surgery afterwards. You will be asked to sign a surgical consent. The consent explains the potential risks of the procedure in detail. Some of these risks have been explained here, but more discussion will occur at the consultation.

You will need to arrange for someone to drive you to and from the surgery center. It is important that a capable adult be available for the first 24 hours help patients with transportation, meals, pain control, etc. following the surgery. If you don’t have help available Dr. Parson’s office will be able to assist you.

The Day of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed with a general anesthetic. Our board-certified anesthesiologist feels that this method of anesthesia provides the greatest degree of patient satisfaction for this procedure. A mastopexy procedure usually takes 2 to 3 hours. Dr. Parson will utilize one of several techniques depending on the amount of breast droopiness. When the amount of breast droopiness is small, Dr. Parson will employ only an incision around the areola. For more severe forms of breast ptosis, an “anchor-type” incision may be necessary. If a breast implant is used it will be placed through the same incisions.

The Post-Operative Breast Lift Period

When Dr. Parson is finished with your surgery he will place you in a bra with gauze dressings. Your breasts may initially be swollen, and bruised. This should quickly resolve over the following 7-10 days. Pain should not be severe, and is usually well controlled by a combination of: narcotics, anti-inflammatories, and local pain medications. Antibiotics are continued for 7 days after the procedure to lower the risk of infection. Activity should be restricted to no lifting of greater than 20lbs for the first 4 weeks. Dr. Parson will provide you with a sports bra and instruct you to stay in the bra 24/7 over then 4 to 6 weeks. This helps with pain and swelling and provides breast. A slight amount of bleeding at the incision sites is normal. The breasts should not be manipulated in any way, unless Dr. Parson directs you to do so. One should be up and walking on the morning following surgery, and a light solid diet begun to the point of tolerance.

Dr. Parson should be contacted immediately for the following:

  • Temperature over 101.5 degrees
  • Chills or sweats
  • Significantly different degree of swelling between sides
  • Increasing rather than decreasing pain
  • Rash

The first post-operative visit occurs 2-3 days after the operation. Any dressings or bandages are removed and healing is assessed. After removal of the sports bra, Dr. Shaun Parson will ask you to wear a soft bra or sports bra for 6 weeks. Bras with under-wires are discouraged as these may push the breasts upward, creating an unnatural appearance. Cosmetic surgery patients are then allowed to shower and to wash their hair. Submerging in a bath, pool or hot top is not permitted, as this may cause the incisions to separate. Most patients resume a reasonably normal activity pattern and can return to non-physical jobs within 5-7 days after surgery.

Sensation will gradually return over the next 6 to 8 weeks. It normally takes approximately 12 weeks for all of the initial swelling to subside, and it takes 1 to 2 years for the scars to mature and fade. Dr. Parson will ask that post-operative photos be taken at some point in time when adequate healing has occurred so that results can be compared to pre-operative photos.

Risks of Break Lift Surgery

Complications of breast lift surgery are uncommon. When complications do occur they can include: bleeding, infection, or a reaction to the anesthetic or sedative medications. You may experience temporary or even permanent numbness in areas. Differences that were present in breast size prior to surgery may not be able to be completely correctable following surgery. Permanent scarring will be present following the procedure. Dr. Parson will attempt to minimize these scars as much as possible, however, part of the final scar appearance will be dependent on how each patient individually heals. When poor healing is present there may be areas of scars that remain more prominent when compared to other areas. These types of scars may require further treatment.

Dr. Parson will discuss your particular scarring potential in more detail at the time of your consultation. When breast augmentation is performed with a mastopexy procedure, additional risks might be possible (please see breast augmentation sections).

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Breast lift surgery is a comprehensive procedure that can help women regain the youthful contours they desire. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts and would like to learn more about mastopexy, call Dr. Shaun Parson today at 480-282-8386. During your consultation he can review your procedure options, including breast lift and breast augmentation.